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Close Subject: Use MERT Process

As part of combining and creating one team, we will also be creating standardized processes and procedures to allow us to better serve all groups across SpartanNash by leveraging our expertise in both Norfolk and Minneapolis.

In order to create visibility to, and best manage the fulfillment of, all requests we receive, we need all associates to use the MERT (Managing Equipment & Resources Tool) Process available through the Customer Support Center (CSC). By doing this, we will be able to better track your requests, and understand the type of requests we get in order to deploy resources more quickly and help you with your technology needs.

ACTION REQUIRED: Effective immediately, please begin to call 1-800-822-1743 or email [email protected] for all requests.

Along with all others, these are the types of informal requests that must now be routed through the CSC:

  1. Phone moves
  2. Phone installs
  3. Name changes on phone displays
  4. Software installed on PCs or in Citrix
  5. Network connections
  6. PC/Vocollect accessory orders
  7. File Access
  8. Create/update email groups
  9. PC requests
  10. Toner replacement
  11. Printer repairs

REMINDER: Please follow the above process for all break/fix requests as well. Moving forward, email requests received for broken equipment will be redirected to this process.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


For all Printer related issues, please email [email protected].

They will require information (Printer Name, seiral number, IP Address, etc.) from the machine which is located on a sticker on the front of the printer.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.